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Your Relationship with Food is at risk

Your Relationship with Food is at risk

If your relationship with food is one of the following, know that your relationship with food is in danger 👀

  1. You are afraid of food in general and you reduce the quantities so that you don't gain weight.
  2. Or you don't know how to control yourself and eat large quantities, so the result would be catastrophic.

• Either Ways, you will find all your problems caused by your relationship with your food, how does it work, because its result affects your general health and, consequently, your whole life.

• So the solution to get out of the circle of danger, or be in bad relationship with food causing you problems? is that you know how to eat right before you start to be confused about how to choose a suitable diet plan for you, and try one after one, and do not find results, so you get frustrated and do not complete or follow a wrong one affects your Health badly.

• To know how to eat properly, is not as complicated as you think. Get yourself used to a 3 meals throughout the day (breakfast - lunch - dinner) and between them you can take fresh juice, fruit or any light snack, and every meal must balanced meal containing a source of protein, a source of carbohydrates, a source of healthy fats, and vegetables or salad, whether your goal is to lose weight and fats, or if you suffer from skinniness and want to gain weight.

• Meaning that you must provide your body with enough nutrients, from clean sources of food that do not contain fast food full of fats, processed meat, soft drinks full of sugar, or even natural drinks full of sugar, sweets and pastries.

• There is no such thing as I will eat everything and anything, but in small quantities, and I will not break the diet.

• Eat Clean food and organize your meals according to the goal you want to reach. You do not have to deprive yourself. You can eat sweets, but not every day. It is better if they are made in a healthy way, sweetened with natural honey instead of sugar, dark chocolate instead of ready-made chocolate sauces. You can eat pizza or burger from time to time, also not in large quantities, and made with healthy ingredients without processed meat or hydrogenated fats and so on.

• If you apply some of these simple tips, you will find that your relationship with food is completely normal, and it will not cause you any anxiety, fear or feel of guilt, and your health will improve significantly, your mood will also be much nicer, and it will noticeably affect your appearance, skin and hair.

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