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Granola Pot - Chocolate

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what could be refreshing and energetic in the morning more than a pot of granola from organic nation,  the granola is type of cereals mixed with nu...

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what could be refreshing and energetic in the morning more than a pot of granola from organic nation,  the granola is type of cereals mixed with nuts and sweeteners like honey or sugars, it's could also be mixed with dark chocolate, also it could be mixed with other grains like puffed rice, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts butter.

So why organic nation fit pot is a great breakfast for you? 

support your energy with fibers: 

as it consists mainly of puffed oats, Organic Nation Fit Pot will be a great breakfast giving you a high amount of energy and complicated carbohydrates as oats full of fibers that will be converted into a high amount of energy and helps you feel full for more time through the day without losing your energy. 

High amount of proteins: 

Granola Pot you will be doing that very easy as every cup contains 12 grams of protein that will support your muscles with extra protein and this will add more energy to you as your muscles will get enough protein to do their job, and also the calorie count in granola pot is not high compared to the benefits you will get through using Organic Nation Granola Pot as a breakfast every morning.

regulates your blood pressure: 

as it consists of a high amount of fibers like oats and flax seeds helps in regulating blood pressure also helps in regulating cholesterol levels and provides your body with lots of antioxidants to help you stay healthy and enjoy your day with no feelings of laziness or tiredness through the day.

easy to take on the go: 

Organic Nation Granola Pot it will be easy not to miss your breakfast as all you need to complete it is just some hot water or hot milk to have a complete meal that will support you with all the nutrition needed to stay active through your day.

Tasty flavors: 

in Organic nation we offer you two different flavors to choose between, chocolate flavor where there are real chocolate chunks in every pot, to add more sweetness in your pot with no added sugars or artificial components, the other flavor is fruit punch to give you the passion of fruits through your meal and to get more of the tasty dried fruits and also with no added sugars to keep you satiated with a sweet taste in your mouth for a long time.

Best snack through your day: 

starting to get bored and hungry in the middle of your day at school or work? 

just refresh your day and enjoy Organic Nation Granola Pot as a snack with a sweet taste rich in fibers that will make you full till your next meal comes and will completely change your mode to enjoy enhancing your muscles with protein and recharge your energy for the rest of the day.

Try it now and enjoy a new healthy meal through your diet.

pot weight: 80 gm.

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