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Ashwagandha Tablets

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Ashwagandha is a shrub that grows in Asia and Africa and is also known as Indian ginseng. It is a name that means "horse smell" in old Indian langu...

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Ashwagandha is a shrub that grows in Asia and Africa and is also known as Indian ginseng. It is a name that means "horse smell" in old Indian languages because of its ability to improve strength. It functions as a natural sedative.

Benefits :

Reduces stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha is known for its ability to reduce anxiety and tension rates, and also helps the body deal with stress and is important in reducing cortisol levels, which are secreted due to stress and fatigue, and also helps improve sleep quality.

Ashwagandha helps improve memory and increase mental performance :

  • Increases the rates of athletic performance by increasing the levels of oxygen in the blood, which results in an increase in the rate of muscle strength and increase size

  • Continuous use of ashwagandha helps reduce rates of depression and improves cognitive impairment in people with bipolar disorder

  • Helps increase testosterone in men as it increases DHEA levels, which results in an increase in male hormone levels

  • Helps reduce inflammation as the compounds in ashwagandha target inflammation in the body

  • Lowering cholesterol levels and lowering triglycerides
  • Increasing muscle mass rates for people who exercise

  • Strengthen the immune system and increase its ability to fight viruses and diseases

  • Aids deep sleep due to its sedative effects

usage :

  1. To reduce stress and fatigue: 500 to 600 mg daily
  2. To control sugar levels: 250 milligrams: 3 grams per day
  3. To increase fertility in men: doses up to 5 grams per day
  4. Increasing muscle mass rates: 600 milligrams per day


  • Product Weight : 60 Tabs

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