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The effect of lack of sleep on fat burning

The effect of lack of sleep on fat burning

Sleep is essential to provide comfort to the body and help recharge it with the energy needed to continue the day, and besides that, it also helps in increasing focus and attention during the day because relaxing the brain during sleep helps it work better during the day, and lack of sleep may cause many problems for the body And the mind, and the most important of which is lack of focus, feeling tired from the least effort during the day, it can also cause mood swings for a person and difficulty dealing with various stresses, and for athletes, getting enough sleep is an essential element to ensure a healthy body and maintain health for many other reasons beside the previous reasons, and below we will talk in detail about the importance of sleep and its relationship to the body.

Lack of sleep may lead to weight gain:

The body contains a hormone called leptin, which is responsible for feeling satiety and fullness.

The effect on the fat burning process:

The process of burning fat in the body is the process of energy production, where the body generates the energy needed for its activity through the interaction of calories in food with oxygen to produce energy, which is important for the body because it is the main source of energy, a percentage that varies from one body to another, and in the case of lack of sleep and increases Eating food increases the intake of calories for the body additionally, which will negatively affect the level of fat burning in the body and results in a decrease in the rate of burning fat in the body, weight gain and affecting muscles building.

Impact on energy levels:

Of course, lack of sleep affects energy levels and increases the feeling of lethargy and fatigue, and therefore you will not be able to exercise your workouts properly, and fatigue will also affect your ability to continue training until its end, thus will affect the growth of your muscles, and even you will not be able to maintain their current size and strength.

Lack of attention and focus:

Lack of sleep affects focus significantly. Without enough rest for the mind, its ability to focus becomes less. It also negatively affects the brain's nerves, leading to difficulty concentrating and doing daily tasks well during the day. Various research has also proven that lack of sleep affects the brain negatively. It may lead to diseases such as Alzheimer's.

How to get a good sleep?

After reviewing the problems of lack of sleep for us, we will present some ideas that will help you get a peaceful sleep and complete relaxation during your sleep.

1- Organize the day well so that you can get a good amount of sleep (between 6 to 8 hours) to suffice your body to regain its activity and strength again.

2- Creating the atmosphere for sleep: One of the leading causes of sleep disorders is not preparing the atmosphere for sleep. When sleeping, it must be on a bed and within an atmosphere that helps relax the body and mind to get a calm and deep sleep.

3- Reducing caffeine and stimulants before bed in sufficient periods: Stimulants are elements that help increase attention and stimulate the brain to stay awake for more extended periods as well as stimulate the nerves in the body, so you must stop stimulants before bedtime long enough so that the body and mind are in a state of relaxation time sleep.

4- Stay away from the mobile phone and electronic devices before bedtime: The mobile phone and electronic devices reduce the relaxation of the body, so staying away from them for sufficient periods before bed will increase your feeling of relaxation and thus will help you sleep for more extended periods and deeper.

5- Taking herbs or medicines that help sleep and relax: Some herbs help relax the body and get a quiet and good sleep, such as sage, chamomile, and lavender, as well as there, are melatonin tablets that help relax the body and get a calm and deep sleep to be fully active during the day.

Matcha makes everything better, is it?

Matcha makes everything better, is it?

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