LE 400.00

Matcha is rich in antioxidants, contains over 60x the antioxidants of spinach, and 7x the antioxidants of dark chocolate. 

Matcha is known for its benefits such as promoting general health, losing weight, increase energy and metabolism, for skin health, heart health, and even brainpower.

Ceremonial Matcha green tea powder is the highest grade of Matcha made from the spring harvest and shaded about 4 weeks before harvesting. These leaves are younger and have a high concentration of both chlorophyll and L-theanine. Leaves are ground right before packaging to keep powder as fresh as possible. It’s enjoyed for exquisite flavor and color.

Choose this grade if:
you want to enjoy the original Matcha
you want to prepare Matcha in the traditional way
you prefer sweeter teas

Don’t hesitate to add Matcha to your diet.

Product weight: 100 g
Royal Garden Matcha Green tea Powder Ceremonial Grade
LE 400.00

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