LE 75.00

Organic Nation Organic Moringa Powder is made from naturally-dried moringa leaves. Moringa is a superfood because of its highest value. Also, it is gluten-free & NON-GMO.

Moringa contains: 

7x Vitamin C more than Oranges.

4x Vitamin A more than Carrots.

4x Calcium more than Milk.

3x Potassium more than Banana.

3x Vitamin E more than Almonds.

3x Iron more than Spinach.

Moringa Benefits: 

  1. Stimulate the Immune System.
  2. Promote Weight loss.
  3. Detoxify the body.
  4. Balance Blood Sugar.
  5. Lower Cholesterol.
  6. Improve Digestion.
  7. Treat Kidney Stones.
  8. Alleviate Headaches.
  9. Support Joint Health.
  10. Reduce Wrinkles.
  11. Fight Fatigue.
  12. Enhance Mood.
Product weight: 100 g
Organic Nation Organic Moringa Powder
LE 75.00

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